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Dominic lives near the North sea on the North Norfolk coast.

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We are all strangers. No two of us are alike. Our lives have different meanings and purpose. We are driven by different goals. Yet you are still reading my words. This is such a massive jump in how we go about living our lives. With modern computers can know who each other is, even if we are all strangers. Two hundred years ago we would live isolated lives, in small communities. Growing old with the same people. In the world we inhabit today in the twenty-first century, we can talk to the world. No friendship is off limits. Seems such a shame that we waste these opportunities by chasing everything we think we want. At no time in history have we ever been better equipped to all come together, yet we remain strangers.


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How Fragile we are.

Up to just a few years ago many believed Earth was unique in the universe, the only blue and white planet with an atmosphere. How wrong we were. Earth like planets are everywhere. The nearest 18 light years away ! Still out of reach with the technology we currently have. But we know that planet is out there. This one piece of knowledge changes everything. From a standing start, man has been able to look across our little piece of the galaxy. And one day I am sure the human race will walk on other Earth like planets. This gets me to thinking, how would that work with religion ? Do we have to grow up first and accept that religion is man made ? Stories passed down to explain things that now science has the answers for ? How many of us are ready for this truth ? I look around and see many still live with faith being the backbone of their lives. Strange that religion would still have it's hold over so many, knowing what we know. Could it be that as mortals we need to believe that there is a superior intelligence ? Something to blame ? To praise ? To look up to ? Without this we could feel very responsible and alone. At this time in Earths history we do not have to make up stories to understand, science has an explanation. We do not have to look to the heaven's and wonder, we know. Now is the time to understand how powerful thought is. How connected we could be with our universal neighbour's. But first we might have to let go of age old explanations that no longer fit.

Just For Fun

Spiritual Quiz.

True or False

1. A spirit box is designed to catch spirit voices.

2. There are two types of Ghosts. Sentient and non sentient.

3. A Ouija Board was when first invented a child's board game.

4. Fallen Angels are mentioned in every known religious text.

5. The cooper scrolls where found close to 'The dead sea scrolls'.

6. Planet X has recently been discovered in our solar system.

7. Mediumship has been banned from the popular media.

8. Orgone Energy was discover by Nicola Tessler

9. Colin Fry worked in a chip shop before he found fame as a medium.

10. The sap of the African Thorn tree is used by Shamon to alter their consciousness.

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