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Mel Sykes

Had such a lovely reading with Dominic friendly , warm , funny..emotional yet light hearted..some random stuff that eventually fitted into the jigsaw puzzle!..blown away doesn't cut it ! grateful Dom....thank you xx 


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Private sittings are quickly being booked up, I am sorry to say that all the one on one personal visits have now gone until the middle of September. However -

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Come and Visit

Long before I became a professional medium I would visit mediums and pay for readings. I was looking for confirmation that what I was experiencing was not just in my head.

If someone else had the same voices, images and smells I would know it was not just me !I would always arrive early, hoping to have some extra time with the medium just to talk through some of my personal concerns.This never happened. I would end up sitting in a dafty hallway just waiting to be called. One in one out, no time to explain or chat. I hated this. Surely there is more to being a medium than just taking peoples money ?

I vowed never to be that way.People would be welcomed with a hot drink, biscuits would be freely available, and toilets would not be out of bounds !I wanted people to feel special. After all if you were visiting a loved one you would be made to feel at home.Visiting me is just that, you are visiting your loved ones.

Plenty of time is provided to relax and chat after your sitting. I only make one appointment in the morning and one in the afternoon. No one in, one out !I have come a long way since those early days of seeking answers and conformation. So many private sittings all over the world I have now achieved. But mediumship still excites me everyday.

I can not wait for my first appointment.

Everyday I will write about 'yesterday's mediumship' Insights into my everyday world working as a medium.

Yesterday's Mediumship

Yesterdays Mediumship

 Nothing stays the same

Life changes and people who we have come to love leave. As a medium I see people at their lowest ebb. The Indian lady with only praise for her father. The best man I have ever had the good fortune to know. She told me. Then her brother who passed only a few weeks ago showed up !

Mediumship reaches out across the religious dived. Hard not to feel sad for her.

The surprise of her brother being able to make contact will help her come to terms with loss. That sitting took a lot out of me the emotional impact.

Then walks into my room a bright young lady in her thirties. She had driven all the way from London just to sit with me. Her husband now in spirit followed her into my room with a bright grin.

No one should lose a partner after only a few months of marriage. This lady stayed with us both until 8pm about six hours ! She just wanted to talk and share memories. We were happy to share our tea ! London is a lonely City when you are on your own.

A bitter sweet day.

Yesterday's Mediumship

Most of us live ordinary lives.

But how many of us can remember blow by blow what we did yesterday ? This was the information that came through in my afternoon sitting. I was taken through what the lady in the chair opposite had done from the time she woke up to the time she went to bed. What she had eaten, who she had spoken with and how much money she had spent. All she ask me for was evidence that her husband was still with her !

The details shocked her ! She had not believed in any form of after life ! The funny thing was she hated being watched.

Ignorance is bliss !

Yesterdays Mediumship

I love it when people who visit bring little gifts, just being thought after is lovely.

Yesterday was about unexpected gifts. It is not often I get to read for a teenager, as you can imagine most of my guests are over forty and some a lot older. So when this young man came to sit with me bringing flowers as a gift for Alison (my wife) it reminded me that age is no indication of anything.

The reading progressed and serval people came gave little messages of love and support but nothing special, that is until his step mum who had brought him up made an appearance. I could not say who this lady was, but you would know her.

At the end of a tearful reunion I was given a message with a direct instruction. This has happened before, but I never believe until the instructions have been followed and the object found. This young man was not expecting anything. But last night I received a phone call from him. He had found the item mentioned !

I believe that I am only as good as my last reading. This was because of the nature of the information given one of the best recent readings.

Yesterdays Mediumship

Around the World

With the invention of technology I can work all over the world without leaving my little reading room in Norfolk.

Yesterday I was able to visit Australia and connect a motor mechanic. a rusty old heap of scape that he called a jeep - with his wife and family. Typical Australian didn't mention the wife or family just wanted to know about the motor ! Sadly it had been towed away just after his passing with all the semi precious rocks still in the back ! His wife told me afterwards he thought more about his jeep and rocks than anything else !

Second reading was in America. Mother and Daughter. Lots of strange things had been happening in they're house since the grandfather had passed. Objects moved, lights flashing on then off for no reason. In the end they had to talk to someone, me ! The grandfather had died due to complications from liver disease. He had had the transplant but it had failed to take and he went down hill fast.

Now whether he was responsible for the house, lights and objects being moved he would not say, but enough evidence came through to prove his survival.

The mother was delighted and promised to stay in touch with updates !

Yesterdays Mediumship

Little Things.

The tiniest pieces of information are often the best bits. Yesterday proved this once again. The ladies father came through. Showed me sacks of coffee, sugar and tea. He had worked in the 'sack business supplying the right sized sack to the commodities market.

He also showed me how he had passed, which was related to his work. The dust from the sacks had built up in his lungs causing his premature departure.

But the small piece of evidence he shared was something I could have easily missed.

A linen shirt. I could smell the distinct ironing smell, as well as see the bright white materiel, When I passed on this information the lady turned as white as the linen ! Only two hours before her reading she had been in a large retail shop looking for a white linen shirt ! But had decided not to buy one because it took too much ironing !

She told me afterwards that she had always wanted to know that her father was still with her.

The little things have the biggest impact.

Yesterdays Mediumship

Shine Silently

No matter how you are feeling the knowledge of your loved ones only being a breath away can change everything you are. The first reading was very much like this. A host of memories, words spoken and no chance to say goodbye. This lady sat with me as her parents too it in turns to tell us both about her life. Just little things - for instance - she would never eat onions in gravy ! She had been bitten by a large dog whilst out playing as a child. And her father had built her a wooden hut in their garden. All very personal and mood changing.

The second reading was more like a group event ! Six family members assembled themselves in my tiny little room, all had that expectance look ! Now group are a lot harder for a medium, the energy can jump quickly between one to another, but this group only want one person. Their mother was through before we had all found chairs ! Each child had their own personal message !

A day of hard work yes, but also a day that changed how people were feeling.

Yesterday's Mediumship

I am so lucky to meet such nice people that all have one thing in common; sadness.

A met a man yesterday who's granddaughter died choking on a blackberry. Such a sweet little girl, only four but as bright as a button. No words could ever express the sadness of her early unexpected passing. The reading was funny as she brought through her favourite 'Frozen' princess.

Her bedroom had been left bright yellow with all the posters ever since.

Second reading whilst still sad was a throw back to the seventies. The man who came through was a father, but mostly a roadie for some of the most glamourous ot the glam - rock bands 'The Sweet' A whole hour of music and memories with plenty of laughs and makeup thrown in. Personally I could have spent all day with him but the family had to travel back home.

Two sittings with sadness for different reasons.

Yesterday Mediumship

Hello my name is Simon and I died from an Asthma attack whilst on holiday. This was the opening line that was given. The two ladies sat across the room from me could not believe their ears. This was their son and brother. He went on to show me a 'Dab' which I had no idea what he was doing ! But after have described the action of his right arm shooting open palmed into the air , his sister knew it was him. He had sadly died very young whilst on holiday in Egypt.

Yesterday's Mediumship

Yesterdays Mediumship

Mothers Day

Both of yesterdays readings revolved around Mothers. The first mother through was able to recognise her own ear rings worn by her daughter and a friend of the daughters mother who also happened to be a millionaire made a special appearance by name at the beginning. Always nice when someone unexpected stops by.

The second mother showed amongst other things her love for strawberries and hats ! One hat for each outfit ! Lots of memories came flooding in over the next hour. Two lovely mothers who were happy to reconnect with thier daughters.

Mel , Had such a lovely reading with Dominic friendly , warm , funny..emotional yet light hearted..some random stuff that eventually fitted into the jigsaw puzzle!..blown away doesn't cut it ! grateful Dom....thank you xx

Yesterday's Mediumship

No need for goodbyes.

losing a partner is one of the most traumatic experience's that we face as an adult. Losing a parent as a child has the longest of effects on our lives. Yesterday's mediumship was a combination of the both.

A man who wife had passed only two months ago. He had been told that it would be too soon to contact her, but this is wrong as no time in spirit. I talked him through the instant change, and tried to help him. The personality the love and the memories are always there. A happy reading for a sad reason.

Then a young lady who had not known her mother. She had died early on in her life and was now missing her mum. The impact had not been felt until now. Her mother a bright funny swings and slide of a person was brilliant.

She had obviously followed her daughter during her 'growing up years. Again funny and sad all rolled into one.


Yesterdays Mediumship 


It may be so that accepting yourself is the biggest thing you ever have to do, but approval from a parent helps tremendously.

My first sitter was a man who had struggled in his own life coming to terms with who he is. His father a military man who had served in the Army was quick to acknowledge and to praise his son for the different courage he had shown.

My second sitter was also happy for his father to come through. Memories of a self made rock in horse, squeaky doors re hung and a shed full of wood shavings.

This man had been a carpenter all his life ! I know the connection is good when the salience in the room cackles with static electricity !

Yesterday' mediumship

I am only human.

Can not help being affected by some of the people who come. The parents of a young man who had driven his rather fast car into a lorry. The car a white hatch back was his pride and joy. He had spent many hours transforming the engine and paintwork, but not the brakes.

These had failed as he pulled into a layby, the lorry was static he simply did not stop. This was a tragic accident. His parents were lovely people. They thanked me as they left, I had no words for their sorrow.

Bit more up lifting the next sitting. After a long life this man just fell asleep in his arm chair after dinner. His last words were thank you for that, he just slipped away silently. He wife had not even noticed, he would often fall asleep in his blue butterfly backed chair after dinner. until it was time to go to bed hours later.

I could still see the sadness in her eyes.

Yesterdays Mediumship

Expect the unexpected.

This was a day of surprises ! A man came through wearing a blonde wig and a red dress ! To my astonishment his daughter, wife and brother just laughed and said 'that is Mick !' He had been a professional drag artist for thirty years called Amanda ! Brilliant reading with so much laughter and fun. Mick had died on stage wearing that blonde wig and red dress. I certainly did not expect that.

Second client was just as strange. An old gentleman in his seventies sat across the room from me, his daughter in law was the first spirit person in, followed by a rather rude parrot ! Now as a medium I do hear voices, but I never expected to hear a bird swear !

After the sitting the man told me that she had three talking parrots that had learnt to be extremely blue ! African Greys' he said with a smile !

Yesterday's Mediumship

A three hour reading to start with.

This lady had lost her brother and husband within 12 days. Her husband was able to show me that she had cleaned out the house ! All of his things had gone, including 12 bibles that his father a Methodist minister had given him. Pay slips from 1951 and receipts for everything that he had kept for decades. He also pointed out that she had scrubbed the house top to bottom and the photograph of his mother hanging in the living room had been replaced by a photograph of a rabbit ! All true. This was an amazing lady who was just pure comedy. I did not want her to leave !

The second reading was more sombre.

A very pretty Indian lady . I never know who is coming I only take first names. Husband of thirty years passed due to complications with diabetes, drink and stress. He was bright and cheerful even told her the password to an account she had no idea existed ! Talked about his time on dialysis and the gentle way he passed in his sleep. His wife had woken up next to his lifeless body. Not an easy reading but enough evidence to allow his wife a little relief from the guilt, and an account that promised security and a little relief from her worries.

Yesterday's mediumship - Nothing changes

Each Morning

I have got that excitement back. Can not wait to start working. The last few months have pointed me in the right direction. Yesterdays mediumship was the best two sitting yet,

The first one I have already written about, if you missed it you can read it on here, or my website.

The second sitting was so special. A man looking for his wife. Not only did she come through but brought a few old school friends with her. She told me the one thing that got this mans attention and I am sure he will not mind if I tell you. Apparently his wife had the best legs ever ! The legs of a 21 year old ! Love is never lost and I felt privileged that they had chosen me to lift the divide.

Yesterday's Mediumship.

Some readings just stand out and I wanted to write this mediumship sitting up before the information left my mind.We all die, but live on. Many of you who will be reading this will understand this. And I never make light of anyone's passing. 

But I have just given a reading that made me laugh and cry for all the wrong reasons.I was taken to a petrol station next to a 'Little Chef restaurant. The man who came through had stopped his car to buy fuel and to use the toilet. The only toilet was located in the 'Little Chef.

He told me the last thing he remembered before crossing over was buying a packet of polo mints because he felt guilty just using the toilet.He had walked into the cubical and was sitting in the usual position when a petrol tanker drove straight through the mens toilets, killing him instantly. And although he joked and laughed about what a way to go, it was a terrible shock to his family. He had not felt a thing. The whole accident only took a few seconds. He just wanted his wife, children and parents to know he was still alive. The wife told me afterwards that the tanker driver had fallen asleep at the wheel and had been badly hurt, but not killed.

The whole restaurant had to be demolished. My heart always goes out to anyone and everyone who is left behind, but how unlucky was this man ?

So much had to go wrong for him to find out about life after life. 

Yesterdays Mediumship


Yesterdays Mediumship

A mother acknowledging her two new grandchildren and a father who brought back memories of driving in a Ford Cortina. The first sitting was for a lady in her late twenties.

Her mother had passed suddenly over the Christmas of 2019. two weeks before both of her daughters had given birth. Both babies were mentioned almost before the sitting had started.

The ruby hat pin, and an old cassette tape that the lady had only just been listening too were enough to prove the mothers present's. Then the father that came in for his son.

The son a ruby league player from Manchester was the least likeliest person I would have expected on my doorstep. But his father shared memories of his son growing up in the city centre of Manchester. The endless pictures of his blue Ford Cortina and the joy the father had felt in his sons success.

I always appreciate those who travel some distance to have a private sitting.

An interesting day of mediumship.

Yesterdays Mediumship

Yesterdays mediumship readings were very touching.

A young wife who was looking to re connect with her solider husband. He showed me one piece of evidence his broken little finger !

He had broken it the day before he died. It was the subject of their last conversation.

Then a women who was met with wonderful Jazz piano music. Her father had been in a famous Jazz band !

That was an amazing tearful reunion.

Yesterday's Mediumship

Yesterdays Mediumship.

At times like these I had no idea how popular mediumship would be. After a busy day yesterday of working I thought you might like to read some of the highlights. A lady who was brought up by her Grandfather was delighted when he came through by name. Told me she didn't eat cake ! So no point in sending her a Birthday cake ! The same man left me with an image of two children in a wheel barrow. He was a gardener, and used to push this lady and her brother around in it.

A man was next who had lost his girlfriend last month. I was laying on the bank of a river counting the stars. His last memory of being with her. Then a green frog on top of a TV set. His last gift to her. She loved frogs. Lots of tears and afterwards he admitted to giving a false name before his sitting. He did not want me to look anything up ! Mediumship has it's place, as does spirit.

Two very happy clients


Yesterday's Mediumship

The room was filled with yellow, the bright summer sunlight came streaming through the partly open bay window and I was looking directly up. This was the last room this lady saw. It was a description of the hospital room where her mother had passed from two months earlier.

A gentle lady with no want to fight. Just this vision was enough to bring comfort.

Then in contrast the next reading was all about Australia. A father and son came through together by name, both had drowned in a flood when their house was swept away. Such a funny man who laughed about not having any peace ! 'She never left me alone during life' he chuckled. But was able to share a few personal experiences with his wife.

Just knowing they were together made this ladies day.

Yesterday's Mediumship

Mediumship readings are not about red roses and sending love. Well not always, yesterdays reading are a prime example of just that. A young man no more that 18 when he passed due to a train crash. He described the clothes he was wearing, down to his bright white trainers. The music he was listening to, and the worry of losing his precious lap top. Talked freely about his sister by name and apologised for being ' bratty, his word not mine. His mother who had arranged the reading only a few days ago was overwhelmed.

Next reading a man in his seventies. His wife did come through, but she was not that nice. Disagreeable, bordering on rude and bossy. He told after the reading that I had her personality 'spot on ! He had been married to her for just under filthy years, school sweethearts. He was lost without her.

This was a lovely reading, with a very gentle man.

Angel Heaven

Yesterday's Mediumship


I love my work with a passion, re connecting people across the divide that is called Death.

Today a man who went out running on a rainy night and never came back, simply put his heart exploded killing him instantly. No warning or preparation, just separation from his wife and three children. But with the evidence given including the location of a lost wedding ring the link made and the tears cried. Me included.

Then the young lady who lost her mum due to suicide. So sad but a daisy chain and a bucket and spade soon had this young lady smiling through her tears. A day spent crying with my clients.

A short introduction

What it means to be a medium.

Mediums are born not made. This does not mean that you can't be your own medium, it just means some people have a natural ability. Dominic is one of these people.Since a young age Dominic has felt, heard and acted differently to death. 



In his first book 'Spirit Motivator' Dominic wrote about the passing of his friend Katie. She was only 6 when a terrible road traffic accident took Dominic's young friend away. But he watched her soul transcend into spirit as all the adults ran around helplessly. He heard his Grandad call his name, a Grandad he hardly knew ! And had the ability to see colours around people and voices. Apart from all these strange and unusual happenings, Dominic was a normal child.

In his teens he met Doris Stokes and later went on to work with renowned mediums John Edwards and Derek Acorah.Television and radio presenting followed including 'Most Haunted, Jane Goldman, and his own psychic show on Sky TV.Dominic is now sought after by those looking for answers. His private sittings are direct and question free, which set him alone as a medium at the top of his abilities.To date he has written seven books and numerous articles for magazines and websites.

Private Sittings

Mediumship. I was asked recently who I had read for. The list is endless, celebrities, famous popular music artists and many folk who are just looking for answers.

As you may be aware privacy is a main concern of mine, so there are those living who have to remain a secret. but some of the people who have passed I can name.

John Lennon and George Michael. Bobby Moore, Bob Monkhouse have all sat with me. But my favourite was Ken Dodd, I hardly got a chance to speak !

I am now working hard over the next few months to honour all the appointments that had to be cancelled. I will get to see you all in the next few months. I look forward to adding you to the list of private sittings.

Dominic Zenden

My Beliefs as a Medium

My Beliefs as a medium.

I can not believe in the spirit world; it simply does not fit into any universe that I can imagine.But I do believe in life after life. We change form, not worlds.

As a medium I know that our thoughts, memories and love are eternal. Imprints that are etched into the fabric of our existence.These imprints never leave, stacks of thoughts that can be accessed by those of us who vibrate at the correct frequency.

For me it is akin to walking into a room full of boxes, under each lid is an experience, a slice of a person's life  that has been neatly stored. You could call this your akashic record ? We all have our own personal room.

Each life is stored.

Previously before this knowledge I struggled with the concept of mediumship. No matter how hard I tried I could not believe those mediums who painted such a wonderful and idyllic picture. It also suited them and their ever changing readings.

Imprints have changed everything.

I have something to believe in with a passion.Stacks of memories, left behind embedded alongside each life lived. These memories are what I open when I read. Three dimensional images created by thought.Thought is something I have no problem with. Each day each one of us millions of thoughts, each thought captured by energy, stored in stacks.

There never has been or ever will be a sudden stop. Your body may be limited, dependent on electricity and heart beats.  Each person has their own limit of heart beats. The slower, calmer we are the longer the mortal body lives. 

No time as we are taught, each body holds all the knowledge gathered over many lifetimes in the soul. The key to understanding this piece of our spirituality is the interchangeable nature of our soul.

The mortal body is the vassal, the soul contains each experience. 

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