How do you impress ?

I love meeting new people, no matter who they are.

No need to impress, they are there for a reason.

It is up to me to discover that purpose.

My personal intent is to stay present.

Enjoy that moment and make a new friend.

Intent works.


Why Aura Photographic Profiling

Why Choose An Aura Photographic Profile ?

You will receive an honest, passionate, empowering personal profile.

Every Aura Photographic Profile comes with before and after care.

You can ask Dominic anything about Aura Photographic Profiling before you go ahead and order.

And after you have read your Aura Photographic Profile Dominic will talk you through every sentence.

Over 90% of people order more than one Aura Photographic Profile.

Many remain friends with Dominic joining his community of loyal followers.

Dominic believes in making time for everyone no matter how busy he is.

Read his ever growing list of Testimonials and grateful people who have had their own Aura Photographic Profiles.

Plus in July Dominic is committed to planting a tree for every Aura Photographic Profile that is ordered ! 

31 Trees planted thanks to the July Promotion. Thank you everyone who ordered an Aura Photographic Profile in July.

The aura hardly changes just the facial expression. Auras never lie or deceive. This multi photograph is a great example of the power of Aura Photographic Profiling.

Introducing Dominic

Aura Photographic Profiling has been a big part of my life for twenty two years.

Seeing auras has been a natural way of how I see life since I can remember. Every person, tree, animal, rock has an aura signature.

From the brightness of bright to the subtlest of delicate fragile colour washes.

Growing up I would see the world and the things in it as colours. People's names did not matter, just the colours they shone with. Trees were alive with the kaleidoscopic seasons, misty white in winter, to the brilliant pinks, purples, greens and reds in summer.

Inviting others to join me in my unique visions of multi coloured auras was never that straight forward.

I discovered early on in life that people did not share my love of colour, well that was what I thought it was until the realisation dawned that people just didn't see the world through the same colourful perception. Many only see thirty-five percent of what is actually the colour spectrum.

Not that you are missing out, how can you miss what you have never witnessed ?The blessing of seeing auras is for me incalculable. Every colour has a meaning, each meaning unique to each individual aura, situation and person.

I have learnt how to spot different characteristics in people, animals, even plants and trees.

How to change the vibration or frequency of the energy in the aura in order to alter the state of well being of the person for the better. Calmer thoughts lead to a less confrontational and more content way of living.

All can be monitored through the aura. This is how I choose to use my unique insights. Helping people find the right balance, the right people who match their aura, and most importantly the inner peace that is created when you discover personal balance and a calm emotional state of thought.

I see so many that live in fear, they have no idea that everything starts with them, the way they think, the way they attract. The mind is so powerful, creating what you believe.

Your aura shares this information with me. I am happy to share it with you.

But only if you can be authentic with yourself first.

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Rodger Pearce Head of ITV Techniqal Sport Broadcasting

Aura Photographic Profiling

Rodger Pearce Head of ITV Sport Broadcasting.

I have known Dominic for 9 years. I have found his work with 'Aura Photographic Profiling' extremely interesting.Highly recommended.

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Everyone is taking photographs of themselves On social media more than ever there are thousands of 'selfies' posted up each day. So; what if you knew that every time you post a colour photograph, you are also posting the energy that surrounds you ? Sounds crazy ? Well it isn't. Your selfie captures not only your picture but the energy that surrounds you. This energy is more commonly known as the 'aura' or the human atmosphere. Each one of us has a unique colour signature that emanates from us. This signature is forever changing, driven by our moods, emotions, health and thoughts, as well as the food we eat, the air we breath and the substances we take into our bodies. Medication, drugs, alcohol, nicotine to name only a few. Each has its own unique colour signature in our aura. The selfie you have just posted is telling me much more than just how you look. 'Aura Photographic Profiling' Takes your photograph and disects the colours. Profiling your personality, health, emotional state of mind and of course the person behind the smile. I have come to understand that each one of us only shows the world who they want the world to see. Who you really are is kept hidden out of sight away from the majority. That is until now. What is 'Aura Photographic Profiling' used for ? Self analysis. For the first time you will see how others see you. Dating. Don't waste time meeting people and then finding out who they are, have their photograph 'aura profiled'. This could save you time, effort and money. Children. Discover their potential, who they are going to be. Or concerns about their welfare ? Let's take a look at their thoughts. Animals. If only they could speak ! Well if you decide to use 'Aura Photographic Profiling' they can. However you want to use it, 'Aura Photographic Profiling' has a use in your life. Dominic J Zenden has been writing 'Aura Photographic Profiles' for 21 years, his website is full of examples of happy people who Dominic has helped with his unique skill.

The award winning home of "Aura Photographic Profiling".

Aura Photographic Profiling Explained. Did you know that human sight only sees around 30% of the light spectrum ? The invisible world is larger than the visible planet that we live on. Just think about that for a moment. The things you don't see are many more than the things you focus on.This means that if you have to see to believe you are basing your beliefs on only 30% of what is there. The invisible comes under two categories. Faith believing with no scientific evidence. Then that which is proven but not seen.The clearest example of this is 'infrared light' invisible to human sight but scientifically shown to exist. The human body is complex and fascinating. A group of atoms that vibrate at different frequencies, electrical impulses that control a nervous system that regulates blood flow and pain and thought. All equally as important as the other. The energy created by the body may be invisible to the human eye, but as the frequencies vibrate these vibrations can be picked up on the colour spectrum. These colours can be known as the 'human atmosphere' or in spiritual terms the 'human aura'. Each colour in the aura is significant, each colour an indication of the importance of personal well being.Emotions, diet, fitness, inner health. Each key area of the body has its own unique colour signature.Aura Photographic Profiling documents, explains and shares the insights given from each colour that surrounds the body. Your 'aura' shows everything about you. These colours are also captured in colour photographs.

Aura Photographic Services

Aura Photographic Profiling

All Photograhic aura profiles take Dominic 3 hours to write and give an unique perspective. Beautifully presented in a locked document that you can print and keep forever.

What is an aura photographic profile?

Up to 1500 words.

Every "Photographic Aura Profile" is a time capsule for you to treasure. Emotions. Wellbeing. Character. Personality. All show up in your "Aura Photographic Profile".

A detailed explanation of the person. A lasting record of who the person in the photograph was at that precise moment in time.

All prices are from June 2022. If you have a discount code please quote the code when you make your first enquiry

Aura Photographic Profiles make a perfectly unique gift for the following people.

Personal Path Discover your personal pathway through life.

Birthday Present For a loved one, friend or colleague.

Newborn Child Get an unique insight into the personality of the newborn child.

Self Reflection. Understand how others see you.

Wedding Gift Remember forever how you felt on that special day.

Pet Aura Photographic Profiles If only they could talk! They can with an "Aura Profile".

New Boyfiend or Girlfriend Find out about the new person in your life!

George Michael

I met George Michael whilst I was working on 'Sky TV' presenting my own interactive psychic show. George contacted the show and asked to meet me. We soon became friends. George was the nicest uncomplicated man that I have ever met. I wrote him two 'Aura Photographic Profiles' In George's own words "Dominic is 'Incredible'. Brilliant at working people out. He is just one of those people that you meet and love instantly." 

The King and Queen of Malaysia

I have written 'Aura Photographic Profiles for all the members of the Malaysian Royal Family. I have met the queen on 6 occasions in her private residence in London. Her Royal Highness the Queen loves the insights that my 'Aura Photographic Profiles' give. Our friendship grew from a meeting with her during my time working with 'Aura Photographic Profiling' In Harley Street London.

David and Victoria Beckham

I met David and Victoria Beckham in Madrid whilst David was playing football for Real Madrid. I had written them both 'Aura Photographic Profiles' Victoria wrote me a glowing testimonial stating " How Dominic Zenden works with my aura I do not know, but his profiles are beyond belief !"  

Met Chris Broad (International Cricket Referee in Sri Lanka. He wrote " Dominic is doing something that helps so many people, he is a very talented man.'

Tom Gaymor (Racing Driver)

I met Tom before he retired from Racing. He is now a commentator for Euro Sports.  His Aura Profile revealed so much about his personality. He wrote the words. "Dominic is a remarkable man, one of the most interesting people I have ever met."

I helped Nick Compton during some stressful situations. He was opening the batting for the England cricket team. I helped him with focus through 'Aura Photographic Profiling'

Peter Fleming

I would chat to Peter Fleming during my time with Euro Sports. He was very much into the psychology of tennis. As a motivator of sports men and women we would discuss the dynamics of competing against an opponent. 

Wendy Wu Fashion Designer. I wrote Aura Photographic Profiles for her whole team

Lucinda Ellery International Hair Dreeser. Dominic has a brilliant gift. I loved his Aura Profiles so much I asked him to Aura Profile everyone who works for me ! He is a fantastic person and a brilliant 'Aura reader. his knowledge is crazy.

Mike McCormack (CEO Universal Music)

Mike says - Dominic was so very kind to my late wife. I can remember a few months before she passed she got Dominic to read all her friends auras over the internet ! Every one was Spot on ! Domiinic worked so hard that night.

An Example of an Aura Photographic Profile

( Aura Photographic Profiling )

Each Photograph is 'time' sensitive.

The human aura is broken down into three layers.

Outer, Middle. Inner.

The Outer aura is 'The protective shell of the body.

The Middle Aura is ' The emotional wellbeing.'

The Inner Aura is ' Fitness and Nutrition.'

Lady Inside Light Full Length Colour Photograph

White Background

Aura Colours Outer Aura. Honey Orange. Flame Orange.

Middle Aura. Aquamarine Blue. Lilac Purple. Sapphire Blue. Lemon Yellow. Amber Gold.

Inner Aura. Mint Green. Shamrock Green.

First Impressions.

If the eyes are the window to the soul, this is a lady that never shuts the world out. Her empathy and compassion shines from within with a deep sincerity. This is a lady that is healing the world by word, deed and action one person at a time. The energy levels at the time of this photograph being taken are low, it is noticeable from the 'outer aura' that her personal energy shifts constantly. There are indications of her giving everything she has regularly to those she meets. A mainly private, personable, articulate personality that has a gentle calmness about her. The aura indicates this has not always been her way. There is a deeply passionate driven person underneath the surface. A lady that has found her own personal path and identity through hard work and dedication.

Outer Aura. Honey Orange. The 'Honey Orange' has emerged from the deeper dark 'Flame Orange'. This is an indication of the maternal, calmer person evolving from the passionate, spontaneous more reactive self. The pace of this personal growth has been fast because the previous character is still present but in the background. This is a person who spends the majority of her day focused on others. The private person would like to be noticed. Her attention to detail is finely tuned and she would notice the 'little things'. Words of encouragement, small personal compliments, recognition of worth and value, all matter. '

Honey Orange' people enjoy the silence and often have a developed appreciation of music and art. They have an individualistic approach to problem solving. Diet, routine are strengths that come with that inner personal awareness. Flame Orange. Double orange outer aura. Independence through personal growth. The younger, more protective person is still active, this can be a battle between personalities. The fact that you are so aware of the world and the issues of the people in the world is an indication of not allowing yourself to slip from your roots. Your personal empathy has been born out of personal experience. The shifting energy levels of the outer aura indicate a deep thinker. This is something built into your psyche. Note of caution. You could find yourself fighting battles for others, so become consciously aware of who you are. Your intelligence, empathy and kindness will attract those who are in need. Your own personal needs are equally as important. The energy levels you are maintaining would benefit from considering how you go about facilitating those who seek you out.

Middle Aura. Aquamarine Blue.

Constant thought. Problem solving. Energy is such an important commodity for you. 'Aquamarine blue' people do not have an endless stream to keep tapping into. A part of your nature is to think everything through. It would be just before overthinking, but there is a part of you that could easily over step that line. The value is you get every ounce of thought out of yourself, again draining, exhausting and unnecessary. Please allow yourself to rest and recuperate. You are grounded but I can see that there are times when your thoughts float away from you. This is an amazing way to relax if you can surrender to it.

Lilac Purple. Mixed emotions coupled with small frustrations. The only person you would ever get frustrated with is yourself. You would set exacting standards for yourself, no leeway for mistakes or misreading people. You should be commended for such high standards, but would benefit from less personal intensity.

Sapphire Blue. Brilliant communicator. You have such a bright 'sapphire blue' middle aura. Rarely seen in this concentration of blue. It stretches from your voice box and blankets your chest, arms and upper legs. Everything you do is about style of communication. The way you speak and the information given out. Language is your 'superpower'. Likely to be drawn to more than one language.

Lemon Yellow. Strong inner child. Imagination. To draw back on experience is so important.'Lemon yellow' is the colour of empathy and understanding. Every single person you meet will get your full attention, your mind will jump from one picture to the next as you visualise their situation. This allows you to relate.

Amber Gold. Spiritual. Prefectionist. High standards, the search for perfection. The truth seeker in you, the analytical. Always wanting to push yourself that little bit more. Strength in knowledge, progress in acceptance. Looking for the truth can be straightforward but only when that truth resonates at our own frequency. We can get in our own way by looking too deeply. The simplest truths are often found right at the top of our thoughts without going too deep. Over complication can be misleading and tiring.

Inner Aura.

Mint Green. Light Green.

Metabolism is fast but decreasing in speed as I look at your photograph. This is an indication of something changing in your daily life. It could easily be that your daily routine has changed and this in turn has affected your eating patterns. The adjustment may take a few weeks to adapt to, but I am confident you are very quick to incorporate change. Diet looks light and well thought through.

Shamrock Green.Dark Green, hint of blue. Your body has been through so many changes. It is indicated that these changes are firmly placed back in the past. The older energy still remains more of a reminder than as a nuisance. Circulation is showing the coldness in your outer extremities, fingers, nose and toes.


Looking out for others. The compassion and empathy stands out. This is a lady that has come a long way in a short time. Her focus is primarily on those she can help. The indications are that she is settling into a new routine, new challenges that are going to suit her personality. The need to allow, and not over complicate will not be missed by her. The colours in the middle aura are unique. Especially the 'sapphire blue'. The individual effort she dedicates her life to will spread out widely, affecting many people in a positive manner. The photograph is so much about positivity, energy and care. It is akin to looking at a giant wave of energy being cast over all the souls this lady encounters. Such a wonderful thing to be witness to. The next few months will be about adapting to new routines. New understandings that will balance her energy allowing for more spiritual and personal growth.

Dominic J Zenden

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