Dominic J Zenden.

Twisted and Misunderstood The Paranormal Podcast

Dominic J Zenden

Psychic Services for 21 years


Dominic J Zenden has been a working psychic for 21 years.

He has performed on Stage, TV and Radio.

Given 20,000 personal readings

The lead Medium at Ghosthouse UK for 4 years

Hosts the Twisted and Misunderstood Paranormal Podcast. Now in 38 countries world wide with over 52000 listners.


Dominic has been on The Ellen show in America

Dominic has written 7 Books including this his first one in 2006

Dominic works with Celebrities

Private Readings ( Aura, Mediumship,Tarot, Past / Future Lives.

Ghosts Cleared from Private Houses

Public Speaking

Psychic Tutor  

Dominic Zenden is an expert for Spirit and Destiny Magazine

Dominic Zenden works for Sky TV as a Paranormal Expert

Dominic Zenden Teacher, Public Speaker and Live Stage appearances

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Dominic J Zenden
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