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Personalised Poetry by Alison J Zenden

Would you like to present a loved one or a colleague  with a personalised piece of poetry for a special occasion ?

Birthdays, Anniversary, Retirement, Leaving.

All occasions covered.

Alison Zenden is a published poet.

Her award winning poem about The Queen Mother brought her writing skills to the notice of the nation.

Now Alison can use her skills to put a smile on any face for any occasion.

You can choose the style of poem,

(  Humorous.)

( Tribute.)



 Alison will just need a few personal details for each poem.

Fill out the form to get the ball rolling at the bottom of this page. 

Alison will get back to you within the day with the information needed.

If you would like a quote or further information please use the contact form provided.(Please note that it takes a little time to compose each unique piece of poetry, so please allow seven days for each request.)  

Alison J Zenden

The Corridor of Life.

As we walk the 'corridor of life' There's love, laughter, doom and strife.

Plan your route, to open doors - Many feet tread on many floors.

Depending on the rooms we choose, Our memories we will never lose,

Walk in 'the now', live for today, Laughter's infectious, give some away,

Kind words, touch, share a smile, Make other's special, for a wee while,

One door closes in the 'laughter room', As we enter another 'full of gloom',

Make your entrance; words softly spoken, Grief is felt, and people broken.

The corridor isn't always a 'bed of roses', Many 'if's' and 'but's', not sweet reposes,

We march ahead, venture through, The universe is here for you,

The 'room of love', we all wish to find, Keep marching forward, don't look behind,

And as we walk this Earthly plain, Some 'pass on', some remain,

It's called 'the lottery of life', By now having met a husband or a wife.

We're all human beings, have stories to tell, Hope you've walked your corridor well,

As the final door opens, and life comes to an end,

The room in my heart it's always open my friend.

Alison Zenden


Very Best Wishes

Alison J Zenden
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