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What People are saying about 'A Rainbow of Angels'


Mandy Gaskin

Finished it last night and I really did enjoy it. I didn't want to put it down honestly. You and Alison have done amazing. I was really interested in the birthday party. How hard must that have been for the family. Thank you both again.xx

Hacon-Gilding Christine

I couldn’t leave a review on your website, so will do it here, A Rainbow of Angels, I recommend this book, when I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down, took just over a day to finish it, has several different subjects to think about, Well done Dominic & Alison, you work together well, Thank you ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mike Finney.

Straight up best book I have read for ages. Hard to put down, and wanted to read more. Will seek out other books by the authors.

Helen Hollingworth

So good to read this new book by Alison and Dominic Zenden. After reading their last book I was eagerly looking forward to getting my hand on this new book. I was not disappointed. Loved the stories about Malta, and Alaska. Just hope you are writing the next ! Thank you 

Colin West Southampton

Ten out of ten, thoroughly enjoyable, educational  and thought provoking.If you like the paranormal or just want a good read I would recommend this book.


A Rainbow of Angels 'New Book' out now !

A Rainbow of Angels is the most recent book from Dominic and Alison Zenden. Their last hugely popular book was Angels on our side. This book is a blend of true stories, myths, legends and teaching, taken from Dominic and Alison's work with the paranormal. A little background on Alison and Dominic Zenden.Dominic is a paranormal expert. Alison is a talented psychic, writer and poet.Dominic writes for magazines and websites on unexplained phenomena. Together they travel the world, uncovering and experiencing stories, myths and legends of the paranormal.In this book they aim to combine thoughts and theories of what may be happening. What is a ghost? How do mediums and divination cards work?What are 'time slips’, are they reoccurring regularly across the world?What is a Skin Walker? Or a Dybbuk Box?Only a few of the questions asked in this fascinating book.


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