Wanting to read an aura is one thing.
Being able to is something that we all can do with practise and patience.
The harder we work the easy it becomes.
If we are not people watchers before we start learning about aura's we will soon become so.
I will spend many hours watching people.
Looking at their aura's , watching their actions.
Often the colours will show intent.
Most of what we do we never think about.
When was the last time you thought about how you walk or breath ?
Body language can tell us much about how people are, even the Chinese art of face reading which goes back hundreds of years can give us clues to what lays beneath.
But aura's don't lie. Can not be manipulated.
The energy we give out of our bodies is showing the world everything we are.
People watching is a good way of learning the meanings of the colours.
But there is another way.
Every time a photograph is taken it captures the energy that is the aura.
A freeze frame of a moment in time.
The Aborigine in Australia believes that when a photograph is taken a part of their soul is captured.
This isn't far from the truth.
What a photograph will show us is how the person was at the moment in time the photograph was taken.
Learning how to read the colours captured in the frame can be a valuable asset in understanding how that person was feeling and even thinking when that photograph was taken.
So how do we start to understand photographs ?
Aura reading is about focus. The more we look the more we see.
Photographs are no different.
To start with I would recommend a large colour photograph of just one person A4 is a good size. (You will move on to more complicated photo's in time but first lets get your eyes and mind tuned into the process.)
First choose a darkened room , no natural direct light ,so draw the curtains.
Not pitch black just enough light to see the objects in the room with you.
Close your eyes for about thirty seconds. This will help you eliminate the light from your eyes before you look at your photograph.
Now open both eyes and focus on the middle of the face , the nose is a good place to start.
Move your eyes to the top of the head just above the hair line , this might take you a few goes but stick with it. The first light you will see is a white outline this should extend around the head line.
This is normal. All colours come from white light. After a few minutes this light will split into colours,what you are looking for is the pale orange on the edge of the white outline.
Its so frustrating at first. I have taught people to read photographs but the first few times can send your eyes wild.
People who have learnt often say its like looking at those 3d puzzles that once you have the focus right pop right out of the page , reading photographic auras is very similar , but in a room with only indirect light. Once you start seeing the aura you will be hooked.
Now you can see the colours that surround the person in the frame you can move on to different types of photographs.
You will start to see photographic images everywhere you look.
Newspapers are a good sauce of many different types. If you want to practise have a look through a glossy magazine full of celebrities.
Remember there are only only a few rules.
Choose a photograph that is easy to see the head , a dark background helps.
Then close your eyes focus on what your going to do , open your eyes fix your stare at the middle of the person and slowly move your glance out to the edge of the person in the photo.
What you are looking for is the outline around the person.
Remember the white light you will first see should split into the different colours.
I have found the knowledge of the colours to be the base of understanding of the photograph aura reading.
Because the aura is made up from three different layers the inner aura is the first area you will see.
The middle aura is often a primary colour, blue, red, green, or a combination of all three in different shades.
The orange outer aura or shell will have different shades of orange.
This will be weaker in some areas and in some cases holes can be seen with colours from the middle aura leaking out.
Gaps in the outer aura are not that common , but you will notice them first because of the darker mixture of colours leaking from the worn, torn , or thinning shell which is the orange outer aura.
A guide to the meaning of the colours will help you.
I have generalised the meanings to keep them simple and easy to understand when you first start looking at then reading aura's from photographs.
A blue or purple inner aura is that of a communicator , the lighter the blue the better at communication the person is.
As red mixes into the blue to form purple the more frustrated the person has become with the lack of understanding others show them.
This is an indication of a person who is struggling to get their views over.
A red middle aura is an unhappy person with many issues of mixed emotions.
Coming out to lighter shades of pinks which is typical of a person who needs to be valued ,will trust easily , even fall in love without much thought.
Green is all about the foods we eat , the pace of our bodies. Brighter greens indicate caffeine artificial stimulants.
These are the basic meanings of the primary colours.
I have gone into more details about the meanings of the different shades in (Meaningful Colours.)
Once you have mastered the meanings you will start to see trends ,familiarity between people who are surrounded by the same colours.
You might even find that your friends share more in common than they know.
We are attracted to the same colours often even though we look at people by how they talk and dress.
Photographic aura reading will change the way you look at photographs and in turn the people in your life.
With so many different ways of looking at aura's "the photograph"holds a record of how that person or people where feeling at the time of the photograph was taken.
Even black and white photo's have an energy that surrounds the images inside. Its different shades of gray but you can see how bright or if the outer aura is thin or has holes , as we already know its orange its just a matter of translating the different shades of grey into orange.
I have also noticed that when you look at a photograph the aura fades as the person grows older and eventually dies. So very old photographs hold onto very little of the energy , itevaporates as the person moves over to spirit.
This is also true of people who have died young.
Colour photographs are brilliant for making connection into spirit.
The photograph works like a window to the soul of the individual , storing information for the reader to translate.
For myself working as a medium photographs allow me to link with the person , I know by the depth of the aura whether the person is alive or has passed over , which in turn can help me make the link into spirit.
By understanding photographic aura reading then learning about how to translate the information stored , you to can link into the individual energy of the person you are looking at , and it could help you through personal experience to see that the only truth is life after life.
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