Dominic Zenden

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'The Secret Language of Angel's' Art Gallery.

Each painting is created on ecology friendly recycled Elephant Dung paper, using only the finest materials.

Dominic Zenden works from his Art Studio in North Norfolk, England. Each painting is unique, numbered and titled.


Dominic J Zenden

The Secret Language of Angel's 

Art Gallery 

A warm welcome to Spirit and Destiny Readers

Free to enter competition to win your own piece of signed and number Angel Art. A Copy of 'Angels on our Side'. Or the star prize of 'A Day with Dominic' with your choice of reading.

5 prizes of unique Angel Art to be won.

5 Books. Dominic's Best Seller 'Angels on our Side'

1 Special Day with Dominic.

Come and meet Dominic for tea and cake. Dominic is an expert Tarot reader, Past Lives Regression, Aura Reader, Medium and Paranormal Expert. You will have your choice of readings. 

Using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Simply tell Dominic which page his feature was on in the November edition of Spirit & Destiny.

One entry per person. Dominic's decision is final - Good Luck !

Dominic J Zenden

Angel Art - A brief history.

Dominic started painting Angel's twenty years ago.

The Angel's depicted are the original Angel's Dominic saw in a meditation. The colours and the swirls accompanied the strong healing presence, whilst a feeling of calmness was projected from their energy. In exchange for their help, Dominic promised to share their image with the world. This was twenty years ago. Dominic's Angel paintings now hang in homes, galleries and even palaces all over the world.

Each painting instilling calmness and healing wherever Angel Art is displayed.


Misty Blue

Beautiful Angel Art (Caught) Copyright © 2019

Angel Art Autumn 2019 Collection

Escaping Gravity Copyright © 2019

Angel Art (Escaping Gavity)

Icecream Universe

Angel Art (Icecream Universe)


Angel Art ( Dash)

Maze Copyright © 2019

Angel Art (Maze)

Sweet Pink Copyright © 2019

Angel Art (Sweet Pink)

How to Order your own unique piece of Angel Art.

Just fill in the form and Dominic will arrange an informal chat to discuss your personal preferences .


All Art Work is Copyright and under no circumstances is to be copied or shared without the express permission of Dominic J Zenden. Copyright © 2019

Dominic J Zenden