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Rock Bottom

How do we know ? I have always wanted to win ! Whether that be in a sporting context or helping someone first understand themselves then go on to lead a happier life. The second is a bit more problematic. I can not always control the outcome. But failure to reach the person well enough is like a defeat.

There are serval factors for me to consider. The state of mind and the continual need. The state of mind can be altered, slowly. Though hard to change self esteem, fear and well set thought, with time patience's and empathy I can watch as the change occur.

My skill comes in at setting the correct speed of such change. The nature of this work means you can not reach everybody, I have to tell myself this. This is not failure, it is a miracle that such people teach out in the first place. But I know that many will only pretend to grasp the life line whilst in personal crisis.

Rock bottom is a lonely place, especially if you have become used to the stone cold emotions that accompany living life leaping from one emotional state to the next.

Happiness is peace of mynd

Whatever it takes to be happy,

contented and worry free we should pursue.

The best frame of mind we can achieve is calmness. Thoughts can ricochet around our minds never stopping still for a moment to be rational. I have spent many years trying to put my own thoughts into order. I have now achieved my own personal goals.

My secret, dividing my thoughts up into individual areas. Safe and unsafe. I have learnt what triggers both sides. My personal psychology complicated but simple.

Of course everything I learnt was self motivated, but as a consequence I am now able to reach others. It is never to late to learn ways to reintroduce yourself to happiness.

No Problem too small

Nothing is as it seems.

The problems we encounter can be resolved.

The only thing to consider is when. And because most of us want a speedy outcome here are a few things to think about. Arguments. It takes two. If one side refuses to argue everything will just falls away. Worth reminding yourself, - just because you refuse to take part doesn't mean that you have lost. It just means you are not going to let another person steal your peace.

Never argue with an irrational person. There are far too many people who want their own way. You will not change their mind. Unreasonable people are unreasonable people.

If a person does not want to know you, or only wants you to be there for them, take notice. This is unlikely to change.

Something to think about.

Something to think about.

Everything you have known is still in your mind. Each though, each piece of knowledge. Yes it is true that your current thoughts are masking your past ones, but they are not gone.

It struck me whilst listening to music that we only hear the loudest instrument, we have to concentrate hard to hear each layer of sound. Guitars and drums are often dominate, but each guitar player, drummer has their own individual style, easy to pick out Jimmy Hendricks or Prince. For us to be successful we must practice listening to the background, the sounds that are made that we do not instantly hear.

The lower levels will revealed a different vision if we train ourselves to sperate out sounds. It is not just the loudest we need to notice. But how many of us do just notice the loudest instrument ?


One thing at a time. 

I can only concentrate on one thing at a time. Yes I know all the jokes about multi tasking and men ! But there is a serious side to this.

Distraction can be our greatest friend or worst enemy. So it is worth considering that there will be plenty of time to do everything, one thing at a time. I know those of us who are lost, we are the ones that try a new thing every week. Never committed enough to finish, but looking to find something to hang our personal identity upon. How many of us do this ?

The answer simple - stop looking. Your passions will find you once the thought is allowed in. I always believed it was the other way round ! I was wrong.

So throw away those half read books, those empty thoughts of being and do nothing, if you can ? It will open up a whole new world.

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Thank you Dominic, insightful, helpful, highly recommended. C.F U.S.A

I am so glad I found this. Dominic is brilliant ! No words to describe how much he has helped me. Anne Bristol

Well worth talking to this man if you have any doubts about anything. Not your by the book listening either. I got to know Dominic over a three month period that was a difficult time for me personally. Gave me a new perspective and even made me laugh ! Thank you Dom Jane Birmingham

Trust Dominic. I did and thank God I found a person who could help.Terry Cambridge

Thank you Dominic, I appreciated everything you have helped me with. New life starts now.Sharron London

I love speaking with Dom, straight forward, kind, caring, direct. David Surrey 

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