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You can make an appointment to speak with a man or a woman who has the experience to listen.

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Relationships. Family. Work. Can all be discussed.To get started please fill out the form at the foot of the page. You will be contacted by e mail or text.

Every step is confidential.

Something to think about.

Something to think about.

Everything you have known is still in your mind. Each though, each piece of knowledge. Yes it is true that your current thoughts are masking your past ones, but they are not gone. It struck me whilst listening to music that we only hear the loudest instrument, we have to concentrate hard to hear each layer of sound. Guitars and drums are often dominate, but each guitar player, drummer has their own individual style, easy to pick out Jimmy Hendricks or Prince. For us to be successful we must practice listening to the background, the sounds that are made that we do not instantly hear. The lower levels will revealed a different vision if we train ourselves to sperate out sounds. It is not just the loudest we need to notice. But how many of us do just notice the loudest instrument ?

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