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Broken Promises

Broken Promises

Is it ever alright to break a promise ? Thousands do every year when they get devoiced. But what about the promises you make under dourest ? Like by the bedside of a person who is about to leave this mortal world. What we promise is not always within our personal power to keep. The best way to keep a promise is never to make one. After all we can not see around corners. We do not know what circumstance is going to entre our lives, nor do we have the capacity to predict outcomes. The number of people who use this type of language to hurt themselves never fails to amaze me. Nothing is forever, and how we cope after traumatic tough life events is by far the most important factor in our own lives.

Never changing Smile

Throughout the years the mirror has been sending backThe images of my smileThe times of hardship torn with fearHave never changed from ear to earThe reflection has shown The corners up turnedThe same laughter lines stay chissled  Features stained deeperIt's own living creature.

Remember me How do you remember me ? If we met 40 years ago The image you have Has stayed still, whilst I have changed How will you remember me ? Like as it was yesterday, You would hardly know me today. The twists and turns have moulded me Way past the person you thought you could see. I doubt if you would recognise me Though my features are much as they used to be It is the changes that occurred inside of me That you would not be able to see.

Miss The Most


There is so much that I miss. Reading, autobiographies. Other peoples lives fascinate and inform me. I miss horse riding. The most majestic, noble animals alive. I miss playing football and hockey. The comrades in the changing room, and on the field. I miss familiar faces. My late grandmother Eve, more of a friend than a relation. I miss her kindness. I miss the chance to see those closest grow old. The abonnement of youth, turning to maturity that only age can bring. I miss the world how it once was during the seventies. Glam rock, Top of the Pops and Sunday's closed days. Nothing ever opened except the newspaper shop - just for two hours between 10 12pm. I never realised how much I missed until I started writing this list. It sort of grew and evolved into a story of yesterdays.

Knock at the Door.

Knock at the Door

Crazy as it seems a simple unexpected knock at the door can send the normal peaceful calm atmosphere of my home into a frenzy. We have the same conversation, "are you expecting anyone ?" we both say together ! Then the blinds are parted but only very slightly, just enough to see who may be there ! We are so suspicious. After a long run of opening the door to different salesmen, Jehovism, politicians even Parcelforce delivery men with parcels that are not for us but for a neighbour's who live 100 yards away ! We both have that dread that somebody wants something from us. Facebook is like the modern knock at the door. A personal message from a person we have never ever met. A request for help. A one sided conversation. My facebook door is always knocking. But unlike in real life I always answer, always help, always make time to chat. For some reason the intrusion is welcome. I never mind. Making time for others is so important.

The Brilliant Chaplin


"Nothing is perinate in this world not even your troubles". Charlie Chaplin

Losing Weight

We are what we eat, so we're told, from early on, to growing old, who doesn't like a slice of cake but one too many- big mistake. Discard now the sharp cake knife no doughnuts, just a healthier life. You can change yourself in sixteen weeks, if you don't stuff chocolate in your cheeks. or custard crumble on your tongue then wonder why your waistlines sprung. Let's look at what you've gotta do to feel full - on lessto chew, eat slowly, don't you down and gobble you've got sixteen weeks to fight the wobble. So take a large green lettuce leaf, Wash, but check on SLUGS beneath, don't be squeamish to extreme still - a bit of protein inbetween. Chop an onion, raw don,t fry it add an anchovy to your diet. Prepared in seconds, fight the flab forget those carbs and Dona Kebab. Sixteen weeks is all you need to fill your face on Rabbit Feed. Top with chilli Red Hot Bonnet, and drizzle peppered sauce upon it. One hot mouthful from this plate, Will kill your appetite - You'll Soon LOSE WEIGHT

The Morning Page

Most of what we believe in has been passed down to us. But the importance of listening with an open mind can not be underestimated. I talk with many who want me to do the work for them. " I feel lost" "I do not know where to start" two common often heard statements that get a little boring if I am honest. There is a simple formula - follow your interests and passions. Put in the hard work for yourself - uncover books, take time to read them. Learn how to listen to your inner voice - This takes time and inner calmness. To achieve inner calmness work on the major issues that haunt you. Come to terms with who you are and what you are wanting to be. This is the hard work that has no short cuts. Not knowing where to start is no excuse, as there is no excuse for being lazy, or uninterested in yourself. Be prepared to work smart and hard. Then ask your questions. Not before.



I have never failed to recognise just how lucky I am. The set of circumstances that had to fall into place for me to be where I am right now are beyond belief. Yes people come and go, and yes decision making plays a part in that, but luck is the one defined aspect that none of us can foresee. I would go further, luck plus timing. Being in the right place at the right time is more important than knowledge. Whatever we set out to do is never what we end up doing, it is just the starter. It changes how we see and what we see. I personally like to change what I am seeing, look up for time to time, use the back door rather than the front, drive a different route. Try a new topic, learn a skill - question myself. All of the above contribute to luck.

Happy Halloween


One of the most fascinating things that I have studied are time slips. Well that is the only way for me to describe moving from one time reality to another. Some call 'Living Ghost' a time related reality. Can you imagine seeing yourself twenty years into the future ? Or back twenty years ? I have investigated people who have experienced this extremely interesting phenonium. The theory is that there are multiple dimension's that all run concurrently together. In each reality different decisions lead to varying lives. Time is not a straight line, it is a circle that can be entered into on any degree of it's subconference. This means that our time reality can start anywhere in between the beginning and ending of time ! So our concurrent can be different to someone else's concurrent. Infinite numbers of realities, which included coming across yourself in a different time related reality. Have a very happy Halloween, and be kind to any ghosts you meet, it could be yourself in a different form !

Another Look (Mediumship)

Myth Just recently I have taken a serious look at the 'myths that is loosely classed as mediumship. So many non truths have been used to cover up the poor standards that so many believe in. I am starting to believe that the information that is given is being deliberately placed to discredit mediums. Let me explain - The best way to uncover a false medium is to invent a story, leave the invented story somewhere on line, and wait for the medium to use that information whilst claiming it came from their ability to communicate with spirit. This works very well, I have many examples. I am not judging the mediums that do this, they have their reasons no doubt, just relaying facts. These mediums are creating a myth that the easily lead are following. Discredit spiritualism, life after life with these misguided mediums, and the few genuine mediums are lost in the sea of suspicion Certain myths that the spirit world is a mirror image of this world, are just plain lies. Spirit guides help give over information. Yet another common myth, which is simply untrue. No wonder so many are searching without finding, but choosing to believe, are lost . No wonder those looking for an escape from the propaganda of the church are left confessed. This is how I see 'life after life. We are all energy, that energy never dies, it changes form. We live many lives, in different bodies, our energy and knowledge stored. The asekic record. The chances are we go from life to life, maybe even repeating life times. The knowledge remains within our consciousness or energy of pervious lives. (I personally believe this knowledge make us our own guides.) We just have to learn how to access it through different states of consciousness. ( Calmness, meditation, dream. ) Once we understand that everything starts with us, and ends with us then we stop following the myths, the confusion stops and exploring our existence becomes a naturally pleasure.



Life has a funny way of pushing us in a direction. You may not know it but with each bend and turn there is something new to discover. I enjoy watching those younger discover with wonderment the same things that I also discovered as a younger man. Nothing new, just new to you. No wrong or right situations just the timing has to be right. Social media highlights the stages of development clearly. I watch on line video's of people saying the same things as I once did, well meaning but with little purpose. When the time is right you find your own way, learn at your own pace. The wrong piece of information, from the wrong person can steal away from you your own trial of discovery. Most things stay invisible until you have the awareness to see them.


Time Slips                

As incredible as it sounds there really is no time.Yes our lves are mapped out to what we perceive as order, minute by minute, but time is only an elusion that is manipulated by those who need to control .Look around as you go about your life, how do we know who anybody is ?Right under our eyes are those who do not fit in, people from different time frames. Time travellers ? Maybe. Take away time and think what could replace it ? A fluidic universe ? This could be a reality that only reveals once our thinking becomes alined to except. And as many of us just could not even think of a world without time, the thought becomes distant, or even dismissed.There is something different, too many examples of 'people out of their own time' to believe it could be imagination.  


I am way pasted being grateful.

"Be grateful for your good fortune" , my mother would prerace at me given an opportunity. It seemed that I had to be grateful for everything. The shoes on my feet, the blankets on my bed and the food on my dinner plate. The happiness spoiler would always be on my shoulder reminding me about grateful !

The older I get the more things I like, things that I could not bare as a child. Vegetables, early nights and the song 'Bridge over troubled water, are a few that come to mind. I now love the haunting melody of that song, maybe the lyrics were too deep to understand as a child, whilst now I appreciate and identify having gone through heart break, rejection and loss. But I do not believe that we have to suffer to learn how too. We just collide with emotion.

But never grateful, not any more, that part of me was left way behind with those who never knew any better.


You have got to be loved.

The silent suffering of the lonely goes unnoticed. Not just the old, or the young but everyone. At some point we will all be lonely. I have experienced loneliness as a child, a young adult and a middle aged man. We all have the need to be loved. I would not wish loneliness on anyone.

What do you believe in ?

Everything you believe in must be examined from time to time. If you just believe without thought you may as well stand still whilst all those around you over take. My personal beliefs come from inside. Not from books or conversations, but from how I sense. I trust my senses so much more than those who talk. I have read many books, I started young. From Aliens to Ghosts, to String theory and the 'Law of Attraction'. Peoples opinions jumping from the page, all passionate with explanation eloquent in description. But nothing comes close to how I sense, feel and embrace certain truths. One undisputable truth is energy never vanishes. It changes form. This one belief underpins the whole of my structure of thinking. I can not however long I ponder this one truth find away of dismissing energy being at the front and centre of everything. The only question that I am searching for is how does that energy change from a living body, an alive, breathing loving person to just pure energy. Where would that energy exist ? I want to start with what I do not believe. I do not believe in what all the mediums would want us all to believe in a 'spirit world'. A world according to those who write about it as a mirror image to the world we currently inhabit. This depiction undermines the idea of 'life after life'. To me it is pure fiction without any sort of intelligent thought. Repeating what is already known, using it as evidence or proof is stretching a point to beyond the highly unlikely. And this is without debating the merits of 'time'. My personal thinking takes me to a different way of thought. Could it be that many of the things we believe in are only partly true ? Past lives, guides eternity ? All have a foundation in truth. We are energy after all, our form may change but our imprint of consciousness remains. Could this imprint be what mediums receive during their sittings ? It would make more sense than believing that the person who had passed was alive and talking directly to the medium. Energy never dies it just changes form ? Past lives a reality ? Very likely. When the body dies the energy is released, but instead of going off to have adventures in the 'spirit world', the next thing that that person knows is waking up in a different body. No in-betweens or conscious process, just a new awareness. This does explain 'walk ins' and would offer an explanation for the usefulness of a soul. It could be possible that the knowledge we gain during lives would act as a trigger to our now new body. All the thoughts and experiences there for us to access if we become aware of 'listening to intuition. That little voice inside that warns or advises. Or like some may refer to it as a 'guide. Once you leave behind the nonsense of the 'spirit world' the way of tying one belief to the next is easy. I have never just believed, I want to understand how and why. I have just started to understand this way of thinking myself, I have much more to explore. 




How much can we forgive ? Minor wrongs ?

Or can we forgive totally betrayal ?

In my mind there is no in between. You can either forgive or not. The problem with degrees is you will always have something on your mind, something to be angry about. Once locked in that spiral of anger and memory, nothing is going to break the chain. Coming to terms with the actions of others takes courage, but by far the most courageous thing we can do is unconditionally forgive. And although I realise that the people who have let us down are not effected by how we think, we are. Forgiveness is not for others, it is for yourself.



I believe in the power of people. A kind word, a thought shared can be enough to change how another person see themselves. Nobody knows what is going on inside, many of us are drowning in our own thoughts. The wonder of people is kindness, forgiveness and thoughtfulness. Never stay attached to the past, it will spin you round and spit you out in a different direction each day. The person you were yesterday is only a shadow of who you are today. The need to know is irrelevant, those who know you care, those who don't, don't matter. The past stays static, whilst you change. Something to remember when you look back and judge yourself.

Secret Book

 My Grandmother gave me a secret book that looked like a book , but wasn't, it was old, and very convincing.

Inside the front few pages was a mini safe. The dial was metal and looked like a bank vault. The secret was within the dial, it did not matter what combination you used the safe would not open, you had to slide the dial to the right and only then would you gain access. I would have fun with my brothers and sister getting them to attempt to break the code, knowing that would never happen. Until I made a decision to trust my sister. I showed her the secret behind the book. Made her promise not to share with anyone. My sister was keen to know, so she promised not to tell a soul. That book taught me much about my sister. It taught me she had no loyalty, it taught me how ruthless she was. She didn't not tell my brothers, she simply showed them how by the movement of her hand.

This was the first time I had been deceived. My lesson, if you do not want anyone to know something, do not tell anyone. People just can not help themselves.