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Dominic talks about his book 'Angels on our side'

Dominic J Zenden

Brand New Lectures for 2020

Dominic J Zenden is happy to announce three brand new lectures for 2020 Based on his best selling book ( Angels on our Side)

Dominic intends to take three chapters and turn them into three 45 minute Lectures.

How to find an Alien

Psychology of Psychics

Time Slips  

If you would like to book Dominic to give one of these lectures please contact him using the form below.

Thank you.


Psychology of Psychics

Psychology of Psychics

Ever wondered if Psychics were real ?

How do they know all that private knowledge about you ?

Or do they use certain techniques and methods to tick you ?

This lecture goes into detail and looks into the shadows that some psychics would rather you didn't.

Starting with The Fox sisters and finishing in modern times.

45 minutes of words and pictures that may change your mind forever on how Psychics work.

How to find an Alien

Do you believe that we are not alone in the Universe ?

Could Aliens be living amongst us ?

Who is Charles Hall and his tall whites ? 

Alien encounters in broad day light.

A fascinating 45 minutes with words and pictures that may open your mind.

 Could make you take a second glance at the person next to you on the train !

Time Slips

Time Slips                

Have you ever found yourself in a different time ? Maybe the same place but totally out of your time. 

There are many examples of those who have.In this lecture Dominic explores some of the people and places that have experienced this strange phenomenon first hand.

Charlie Chaplin's Time Traveler 

The man who saw his own Death.

A street in Liverpool England that has had people wondering what was going on.

And lots more. 

45 minutes Words and pictures  

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