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Zoom Lecture Wednesday 17 July 8pm GMT

Universal Ordering

We can not have what we want, life is just not like that. But take away the obvious what remains is available.

The key to manifestation is keep it simple, keep it within the parameter's of living a content life. Take away financial need. And concentrate on emotional need.

It works when wanting to reset how you are feeling. Which in turn helps you notice what before was invisible to you. The agenda in your mind will be what the universe hears.

So choose your thoughts carefully and let the universe work with you. 

Order Wisely

Universal Ordering -

What happens if your order does not arrive ? I was speaking with a lady that was so focused on creating a relationship with 'someone' ! She had asked the universe, placed her order, received the confirmation e mail - he would be arriving shortly !

Everything nicely lined up. The person did arrive, a person who wanted to get to know this lady. She soon discovered that they only had one thing in common - they both wanted a relationship for opposite reasons.

The universe had helped both of them but because neither had prepared or were flexible nothing happened. The lesson is please use Universe to order, but please make sure you order is what you truly want deep down.

Be the best version of who you are before asking. Deal with your emotional dependence, your fear of trust and your need to have. Be thoughtful. The universe will work with you if you ask correctly.

Please order accurately, no hidden agendas

Dominic Zenden just before his Lecture at Kings College Cambridge

Zoom Lectures

Dominic J Zenden 

Is the pioneer of New Knowledge.His unique understanding and fresh approach to some of life's more intriguing questions has singled him out as one of the more interesting speakers to listen to.

Dominic believes New Knowledge is rare. HE would tell you you already know. It is just uncovering the invisible to you at this moment.We have within us all the knowledge that we seek.Old beliefs, wrong information can steer us in the wrong direction.

If you are willing to challenge yourself and your own understanding that you may have held all of your adult life, the rewards are immense.

Dominic Zoom Lectures are designed for everyone no matter where you find yourself in life.

The Zoom Lectures by Dominic Zenden

The Zoom Lectures                       

From the comfort of your own room join Dominic to explore some extremely fascinating and spiritually stimulating subjects.  

Want to understand more ? 

                         Clairvoyance Examined  ( Linking you to your clear sight. How to understand Clairvoyance )                       

Past Lives & Future Lives  ( Have you lived before ? How to discover soul journeys )                       

Life after Life  ( What happens when we pass on ?) Can we still interact with those on the Earth Plane ?                       

Universal ordering. ( Can we manifest what we want ?)                       

Are we alone in the universe? ( Angels and Angelic Lives.)                       

Your Aura. ( The colours and effects of your aura.)

Each Topic lasts for an hour with questions and answers afterwards.

Each Lecture cost £10.

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