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After the popularity of 'Aura Photographic Profile' Again I invite you to post your up to date photographs for a short 'Aura Profile' Aura Photographic Profiling is becoming the best way to date ! Yes you can get to know a person before you meet them just by sending me their recent photograph. I can also match people using 'Aura Photographic Profiling'

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Dominic on Photographic Aura Profiling

Dominic J Zenden Aura Photographic Profiling

You are great at disguising how you are thinking. Not many will get close to your thoughts. Light Orange, purple and light pink surround your upper body. Strong minded personality. You would be able to converse with every type of personality. Private but love helping. You have a pale green around your left upper jaw, this can indicate a person who has a slightly out of line bite. Goes without saying how sensitive you are to others.

The power of Aura Photographic Profiling

Explained What is a Photographic Aura Profile ?

Photographic Aura Profiling -

Explained What is a Photographic Aura Profile ?

A Photographic reading is a detailed personal profile taken from the energy captured in a photograph.

How does this work ?

When a Photograph is taken the picture captures the energy around the person at the time. Everybody has an unique colour signature that indicates Emotions. Personality. Diet.Weak body areas.These are all indicated by the colours that surround the individual person , animal or object.

Everything we know about ourselves is captured in photographs. Dominic's unique ability is to interpret the energy captured. .

Does Time effect the Result ? Yes :

The energy captured at the time of the photograph is what the reading is based on.So if you were to ask for an old photograph to be profiled Dominic would read the energy from that time period. What other uses does Photographic Reading Have ? Healing can also be sent over a distance then monitored by photograph over a period of weeks. This works for people and animals alike.

Communicating with your pets becomes simple, by sending a photograph you can have a detailed report into the Emotions , Personality , and any weak areas your animals may have. ( This has worked for domestic pets ,Race Horses and working animals of all types)

Photographic readings have also proved successful in locating lost people ,animals and objects.Dominic can read the energy of a property or a partner from a photograph. Over the past 20 years Dominic has had some remarkable reactions and results from using this very unique skill. The implications for photographic readings also include Emotional awareness of people you surround yourself with.

Or when making new choices of people who you may wish to be involved with in the future. It even helps you understanding your own personal behaviour. How do I go about getting a photographic reading ? Its very simple.

All you need to do is e mail a recent photograph and Dominic will send you back a detailed report.

Dominic on Aura Photographic Profiling

My name is Dominic Zenden and ever since I was a child I have been able to see auras around every single person and object. I would sit and watch in wonder as cotton candy clouds of colours swirled round people. The dictionary tells us the aura is a noun which means "a subtle emanation from flowers etc, atmosphere diffused by or attending a person, especially in mystical or spiritualistic use as a definite envelope of body or spirit." Over the years I discovered that not everyone saw the world in the same way as I did. Now I would like to share the knowledge I have learned over the past forty years. I believe that the aura you have shows many things about you, your thinking, the emotional state of your well being, what food you eat and even areas where your body may have a weakness. All these are shown in your aura. Many of you may be sceptical but a good dose of healthy scepticism is always helpful in a world of conflicting opinions. I have set this book out to explain the meaning of the aura. We explore the meanings of the colours and how to look beyond what a person tells us. Knowing about the aura will give us that extra edge. By first understanding how to see and then to interpret your own aura this book will take you step by step through your own personal journey of discovery. You will be amazed when you start to see your own aura and how much better you will feel as your knowledge expands and you start to incorporate this new way of thinking into your life. Mastering your own aura will teach you through personal experience that you have the ability to see the colour energy. When we meet people for the first time and knowing where to look, and how to focus, it all adds to your personal knowledge. When you start to read auras it will open up a whole new world. A world that will lead to a better understanding of others, better relationships and stronger self confidence.

An open book, A lovely light easy going nature. Everything spiritual - fairies at the bottom of the garden, dream catchers - good in the world. A water based fluidic personality. Light pink mixing with green around your upper nose and right ear. Allergies irritations indicated at the time of photo being taken. Your aura is slow. It could be that you are just recuperating after feeling tired for a couple of days. Indication of high sugar levels at time of photo. A loyal friend who stays in touch. Attention to detail.

Dominic talks you through 'Aura Photographic Profiling'

Aura colours Dark Orange, blue green and Yellow. Just do not upset Jan ! You have your opinions and are happy to share them. You may even say 'take me as you find me !' Attention to detail with a laid back attitude. Your keen eye for colour couple with a sense of balance your home although lived in will always be clean and tidy. Vivid dreams is indicated by the yellow. Green around the throat area could indicate a saw throat or a cough. A Kind lady who would never allow herself to be taken advantage of.

Aura Pale Orange. Yellow. Light Pink. Very sensitive to energy and people. Your thoughts can be over whelming. You would find it hard to settle. Deep thinker. Anxious tendencies, but would appear confident to those who do not know you. The pale orange indicates a loyal friend that is non confrontational. At the time of this photograph being taken tired and out of synchronisation. Would be prone to boasting sugar levels with quick fixes.

Aura Photographic Profiling

Aura Photographic Profiling. Ever fancied having your 'aura' read ? I have been reading peoples auras from photographs for twenty years. I call it 'Aura Photographic Profiling' From a recent colour photograph I can see the colours in your personal aura. In fact your aura tells me more about you than you would. I love doing this for people, and many of my friends will send me photographs. If today you would like your 'aura read post a recent photo under this link stating 'public or 'private. I will post you a few lines about your aura ! Are you interested in reading 'Auras ? My book 'Aura Life in 4D' is still available to buy on Amazon. I look forward to receiving your photographs.

your aura looks a little tight, that normally comes from feeling frustrated, lots on your mind. Your energy flow is slow. On the bright side your inner aura looks sharp you must be watching what you eat ! - Correct on all counts. On week three of my latest diet ..lost half stone. X thank you . X

Your aura is bright, with lots of pinks. You have a slow eye, which I am sure you know about, headaches could be a problem. You have been slowing down recently. The aura around the top of your head looks thin. This is an indication of lack of energy or even lack of food being taken in. Very thoughtful and caring personality.

Your colours are bright apart from your outer aura. Nature, animals out doors slower pace of life. Fantastic blue purple around your mouth, a true communicator , language, dance expression. Very spiritual. Your outer aura is an indication of how much energy you give away to others. Could be that you live with negative people or you may just attract those who have problems. An obvious listener.

Stuck between two worlds at the time of this photograph being taken. Your outer and middle auras are mixed together, the orange and the blue creating a red. Frustrating. Emotions would hide your warmth and extremely dry sense of humour. I am sure you would see the funny in most situations. You are spiritual but also realistic. Down to earth no nonsense. A good friend as you stick with those you know. Would need to be aware in love. Very giving.

What People and saying about Aura Photographic Profiling


Dominic, I just want to share with you how grateful I am for your time tonight. It was great to meet you and I was fully engaged the whole hour. I found the whole experience incredibly insightful and empowering. You have an incredible ability. I loved listening to you and enjoyed the bond that trust created. I cannot wait to repeat the experience. Can you just help me by writing down the 3 things I need to work on please. Best Wishes, Tom Gaymor


Wow that's incredible!!! Mel is amazed. She is going to e-mail Dominic direct as she wants a reading in person and so does my Father. Thank you so much for organising tonight, I can now fully share your enthusiasm as I am simply amazed at how engaging and empowering the whole experience is. An evening I will talk about for many a year to come. I will definitely be seeing Dominic again.


Sasha Baldwin‏@sash_balders @DominicZenden I just wanted 2say I was blown away by your reading& can't wait4 the next1.


WOW dominic! This is brilliant and so accurate!!! Thank u very much! Actually helps me make a better plan for myself this year. I'm going to tweet and recommend! Calum Best

“That's just brilliant, I fell off one of the race horses before Xmas and damaged all muscles in my neck just below my skull and pulled all my shoulder, if u are looking at me face on as u look at the photo, it would be my left hand side. And as for my emotional health, that is me completely. I am currently trying really hard to build my self esteem and not be so negative. Thank you so very much. I wish u could heal my self confidence and esteem as easily as my shoulder and neck ha ha. I will recommend you to everyone”.

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to reply to my problems. You really opened my eyes, I kinda new some of what you said to me but didnt want to face it and when you hear that from someone else it really hits home so thank you for sharing your advice with me. I have read what you wrote over and over and it all makes so much sense. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart! It is so good to know that there are people as generous as you with their time to answer questions and truly help someone you are an amazing person best wishes Natasha White x

Miranda Heynes Wow what a great reading! I was blown away. You were spot with everything! My husband Alex was not a believer and he just can't believe how you have hit the nail on the head so to speak with me! Thank you!! Xx

Thankyou , this is so accurate, eg, I took up running a while ago and I'm always being told I dont eat enough calories to accommodate my running! Brilliant! Thankyou again , love and light to you  Rosie xx

Thank you very much for your time and lovely words! 🙏🏻💕 Karen

Wow yes very easy going and I’m a psychic medium full time now. Yes to all things magical! Allergies yes and interesting as newly diagnosed diabetic! Well done and Thankyou 💖 Wendy

Wow, that is amazing Dominic Thankyou so much! Self esteem is definitely something I struggle with. Love that, thankyou for taking the time to do that xx  Laura

Hi Dominic thank you totally read me well love all your readings you give every day thank you so much xx Maria

Thanks Dominic.... must have been having a feisty day when the photo was taken, but it’s very accurate!  Chris

Not bad. Not long been awake. Sugar my demon as are quick fixes. The loyal friend is in spirit and is in my energy field. Energy yes, people yes. Well done. Peter

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