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Mediumship for over 38 Years

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Dominic will be taking reservations for mediumship appointments from 4 July 2020.

Private one - one mediumship only.

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Dominic Zenden International Celebrity Medium

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Dominic J Zenden

Dominic J Zenden.

Author. Teacher. Speaker. Artist. Paranormal Expert. Columnist (Spirit & Destiny Magazine)

Skills / Interests.

International -TV- Radio Medium

Past Life Regression/ Future Progressive Therapist.

Aura Photographic Profiling.

Relationship Specialist.

Tarot Expert.

Paranormal Expert.


Current Book - A Rainbow of Angels - Paranormal - Myths -Legends - Stories

Previous Books.

Angels on our Side. Stories and teachings. Spiritual.

Spirit Motivator.

My Childhood Room. 

Aura Life in 4D.

Coffee Cup Chatter. ( understanding Adult Relationships)

Nought or Thought. (Dominic's collection of personal thoughts).

The Little Christmas Tree.(Children's book).


Teaching. Understanding Aura's. Working as a Psychic. How to Read Tarot.

Psychic Understanding. Perception. Time Slips and other paranormal happenings.

Artist.  The Secret Language of Angels. Art Gallery. ( Angel Art for Interior Design)

Media.   Sky TV Destiny Live Presenter. Most Haunted Guest Medium.

Radio. The uncut Paranormal radio show.  

Paranormal Expert.  Spirit and Destiny Magazine.

Stage Shows. Aura's Live.

Paranormal Explained. 

Talks. Medium Rare. (funny stories )

Time. ( Man made ?)

Paranormal Uncut ( Aliens, Ghosts, Past Lives, explained,)          

The Relationship Road Show. ( Understanding Adult Relationships).

Availabe for press comment - 07899768628

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Dominic J Zenden