Dominic J Zenden.

Twisted and Misunderstood The Paranormal Podcast

Private Psychic Development.

Dominic is an experienced psychic.

For fifty years he has worked on platform, stage, television, radio.

He has performed over 18000 private one to one readings.

Dominic is also a great teacher.

He will use his knowledge and experience to help you reach your own psychic potential.

Develop your own psychic skills to build your own confidence and if you choose your very own business.

Each session will be tailored to your individual needs.

Run at your own pace.

Just for you.

After all we are all individual.

Tuition is reasonably priced, on hour to hour basis. 

You can book just as much as you need, when you need it.

Dominic is also well connected in 'The Psychic world' and will guide and help you progress.

For an informal conversation about your personal requirements please contact Dominic on the form below.

Dominic's New Book.Paranormal Stories - Psychic Tuition - Angels - and much more.

Look forward to meeting you

Dominic J Zenden

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