Dominic J Zenden.

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How to Book a Private Consultation

Dominic has been helping others with personal readings for fifty years.

From the beginnings using 'The Marseille Tarot Deck' to present day Dominic has been able to use his abilities as a psychic to recognise further life trends. 

The private readings offered by Dominic are listed below.   You are guaranteed a knowledgeable and person centred private reading by a gifted psychic who has performed over 18000 personal readings.

Tarot in person ( One to one private consultation )

Tarot phone or video - one to one consultation

 Photographic Tarot consultation ( email a photograph ) 

Written 12 month Tarot consultation. ( via E mail )

Past Life Regression ( In person only )

Future Life Progression ( In person only)

Photographic Aura Profile ( Detailed personal profile.)

Voice vibration 'life line' Consultation. (In person. Via phone)

Personal Relationship profiling. (In person. Via Phone )

Personal Relationship direction. ( In person. Via Phone )

To contact Dominic please use the form at the base of this page.All prices and availabilities are on request only.


Dominic reserves the right to choose who he reads for.

All readings are private and on a one to one basis only. 

I look forward to reading for you

Dominic J Zenden

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