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The Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction Ever thought about all those people alive today ? Millions upon millions of people all living their lives, building dreams and creating their own futures. We may only ever meet a handful of these people.Around 80,000 in our lifetime.

This means that the majority of people alive today we will never ever meet. So why do we meet the people we do ? Most people will meet those of like mind and culture. Then similar age groups generation. Then work, interests and people in common.

Followed by lucky encounters. Those who we just stumble upon for no other reason than we just happen to be in the same place at the same time. Or is it that ? The law of attraction would have you believe otherwise. No coincidences, maybe ? How we think is a major part of understanding how we meet people.

So what if thoughts can be sensed by others ? Your mind sending out unconscious messages just waiting to be received by those thinking the same thoughts ? Or thoughts are contagious, one thought spreads like a virus infecting anyone in its way ?

How we think brings people towards us. The law of attraction. This by itself could be life changing. Just realising that how you think, the words and phrases you use affect the people that you meet. The reason you may be reading this now is because you have picked my thoughts up and had your own thought process triggered to read this piece ? If as I believe thoughts are living entities make sure you make every thought you have positive.

The people, the relationships and ultimately your own personal happiness could start with you. The law of attraction can work against us, but by understanding the reality of attraction by thought you have the power to shape your relationships and life in the way you desire.

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