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Dating with 'Aura

Photographic Scent

and Aura voice profiling'.

Dating with 'Aura Photographic and Aura voice profiling'.

Compatible Auras. Personal Understanding - Relationships - Dating.

Aura Photographic Profiling started by matching photographic auras.

The concept is a simple one of matching people who have similar auras.

This was twenty two years ago and 'Aura Matching' has evolved into much more than just compatible auras.

The aura has so much more to offer than just what is seen. Each colour in the aura is capable of unlocking the secret world of attraction.

The invisible yet vital signals of scent and frequency compatibility.

Food compatibility also helps though is not vital, it is just another area to explore through 'Aura Photographic Profiling.' 

Scent compatibility. Voice Frequency. Food compatibility.

Scent compatibility. Voice Frequency. Food compatibility.

Physical attraction - Is floored.

How a person presents themselves can be manipulated. The initial attraction can quickly pass leaving behind little compatibility. And although people have been dating this way for years it is a hit or miss process that could leave you frustrated, especially if you are using 'physical attraction' from a dating site to make your selections.

Photographs are no guide to compatibility unless you are using 'Aura Photographic Profiling' to guide your selections. Scent Compatibility. The human body has one of four odour types. Sweet. Tangy. Onion. Sour.

You are naturally attracted to those you share the same scent with. 'Aura Profiling' has isolated the colour seen in the aura that is representative of each scent. ( You may not even realise that the 'scent' of a person is either a turn on or a turn off.)

But if you can avoid the three scents that are not compatible with yours it will save you so much wasted time on dating people who you find attractive but not compatible.

Voice Frequency

Voice Frequency.

Each voice is as unique as the person who owns it. Yes voices can be altered and tuned, but the majority of the population do not give the frequency of their voice a second thought.

Aura Voice Frequency has isolated the vibrational colours that a voice uses. Some of these colours are indications of low self esteem, intolerance, anger and narcissistic tendencies.

By spotting these colour signals in the voice it can help you meet the people who are on the same voice frequency as you. Food Compatibility. Aura Profiling can help you find a person who has the same taste in food, exercise, day or night routine.

All the things that it may take you up to a year to discover about a person just through dating alone.

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Zoom Consultation with Dominic J Zenden. 1 hour

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Up to 10 Photographic aura profiles. No time limit.

Up to 20 Photographic aura profiles. No time limit.

1 month membership. Upto 10 Aura profiles each 7 days for 28 Days.

2 month membership. Upto 10 Aura profiles each 7 days for 56 Days.

1 month Platinum membership. Instant access to Zoom. Unlimited Aura profiles for 28 days.

2 month Platinum membership. Instant access to Zoom. Unlimited Aura Profiles for 56 days.

( For those serious about dating. Ideal for those using Dating Sites online.) All Prices are on Request.

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